Thomas Riess –
Wedding Photographer

I am a wedding photographer from Germany now based in the Phuket area, with the extensive experience of over 400 weddings photographed in countries like Germany, Austria, Bali, Hong Hong, Spain, Greece and Thailand.

I am passionate about wedding photography and it has become my professional quest to document people’s emotions in extraordinary pictures. Moving incidents are particularly abundant at weddings. Not only does it enable me to photograph the wedding couple with family and friends, it also gives me the opportunity to accompany them through the important day in a spontaneous and intuitive manner. This allows me to combine my personal motivation with a professional quest for high-quality pictures.

– Wedding Photography –

I enjoy the quiet moments during the wedding ceremony, which are emotionally charged for the wedding couple, their family and their friends, a much as the boisterous high jinks at the wedding reception, later in the evening. I am capturing authentic stories of love, Fragments of time, intensely experienced – brief, unrepeatable moments in human existence, recorded in beautifully taken wedding pictures and intimate snapshots of happiness. Unique moments from a unique wedding, for you to cherish forever in extraordinary, timeless photos. If you have chosen Thailand as your wedding destination and still looking for a wedding photographer then I’d be delighted to talk about your upcoming wedding in detail.

– Honeymoon Photography –

Are the two of you heading for paradise? Make sure your Honeymoon trip will always remain something special. I am available for Honeymoon Photo Shootings and Post Wedding Shootings all around Thailand and I would be only too happy to document those special moments during your honeymoon – from the white and wonderful beaches of Thailand to the historical palaces and spiritual temples. Whether you have chosen a romantic accommodation at Koh Samui or a stunning honeymoon villa in Phuket, it makes no difference. I will record your honeymoon trip with the utmost sensitivity, and document your romantic honeymoon with deference, in order to turn those unique moments into lasting memories. I am available in nearly every great Spot in Thailand like Kao Lak, Koh Samui, Phuket, Krabi, Hua Hin, Koh Phangan, … just to name a few.